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To Cheat or Not to be Cheat


At last, our misery and terrible time had finally come to the end. It's a bird. It's a plane. No. It's the last title of the blog has arrived without any sign. The title for this week is 'To Cheat or Not To Cheat'. For this entry we as 'Lord of Cheater' will teach you all about cheating method that we have experienced and learned. Don't feel shy to cheat because we are human after all. So, let's cheat....

1. "Flying V" Formation

During exams sit in a "Flying V" formation, where the person to be cheated from sits at the head of the V and the cheaters fan out behind in diagonals. In this formation, the head must really expert in the subject. If the method work perfectly, all the student in the formation can get the answer.

2. Long Sleeved Method

Before exams started, write the important information on your arms. Then put on long-sleeved shirts to cover the arms. If get any chances, roll up your sleeve to get the answer.

3. Note on Desk

This method is popular in math and science exams. Just before the exam started, write the necessary formulas—as many as possible—on the desk. If the teacher comes by during the exam, just push the answer sheets or paper over all of the formulas that are on the desk. This approach is very simple but easy to get cought.

4. Body Parts Cheat

Get a pen (red works best as it blends best with skin tone) and write little notes on any area of skin on your body. The ankles are good if you wear jeans and can cross your legs. The wrists are good if you can write on your veins with blue pen. On the inside of your thighs you can write formulas if you wear shorts. One of the best places to put notes are on your hands.

5. Mechanical pencil method

Use with a Bic or any other clear mechanical pencil. Write notes in a line on a piece of durable paper. Take a strip of tape, place it over the line of notes, press down over the writing, lift tape off the paper(the lead comes off with the tape). Now simply place the tape on the pencil and you have notes only readable by you! (to read, turn the pencil and the way the light shines through the pencil reveals the writing.

6. Ideogram Method

Know that ideograms are symbols used to represent words. Doodle something to represent a word for a test and nobody would think twice about it. Example The name Friedrich Nietzsche would translate into: A doodle of Fred Flintstone (fred); A bag of money(rich); a ball of yarn with needle(knit as in Niet); a yin-yang chi symbol (chi). Those symbols would translate to (fred)(rich)(knit)(chi), saying the words out loud easily reveals the name.

7. I.D. Badge Cheat

The day before the test, write tiny notes on the sheets of paper, that you will need for the test. If you don't have a cover on badge, tape it on the back. (But don't make it obvious!) The day of the test, have your I.D. Badge hanging around your neck, that way the badge will automatically fall into your lap. Make sure not to keep flipping the badge over to the side where the notes are, or the teacher will catch on. After the test, discard the notes.

8. Buddy System / Pair System

This is an old method that is still popular among students and work with pair of students. One of the students need to sit next to another friend who knows tons of things during the exams. After the clever one finishes doing the exam, he/she will give the answer to the partner.

Be careful and always be aware of where the teacher is looking; no method of cheating is successful if the teacher is looking right at you while you hold the notes in your hand and are frantically copying them onto the test. Also, be aware of what your colleagues are doing, as they would love to notify your professor or your dean of your actions. If it should ever come to that, and you know no one has no proof whatsoever that you cheated: deny, deny, deny! Convince yourself as well as your adversaries you did not cheat, remaining firm and confident. As long as they can not prove it but can only wonder or hear someone else words against your own, you're in the clear. Don't get caught often though, or the authorities will get suspicious. The best policy is not to cheat.


Don’t be nervous. Be confident. Have faith in your methods, know that you won’t get caught. If that’s the way you’re thinking about things, then you won’t get caught. Simple as that.

Don’t look around too much! Only look around when you really need to see if a teacher is near. If a teacher sees you looking around alot, that can make them suspicious of you.

When a teacher walks past, act calm. Pretend that you don’t care, and don’t look at them! - The look on your face can tell them alot of things. Just sit and look at your exam paper as if you’re thinking and pretend to write things down, then scribble it out after they walk past.

Cheating is likely to result in your losing out on learning the things you will need to know later in life (except if your country's school really fills your mind with unneeded knowledge), so instead of cheating, studying your exam material is always preferable.

If you are smart, you will not need cheating because by writing the answers/formulas/etc, chances are you will remember it.

It's always good to study, but use the cheat notes as a backup. This way you will minimize the chances of getting caught because you won't need the notes that much. If you studied but don't know an answer to a question, you can always rely on the notes.

Every time you plan to cheat, use a different method. This will make you less likely to get caught. Maybe the first time you want to use the pencil method and then the second, maybe you should use the rubber band method, but that's up to you.

You might want to take a look at the discuss tab to see what methods have worked best for people. Reviews.

You will be less suspected of cheating if the teacher likes you because you are quiet in class, do all of your homework, you're treat others very well, etc. Even if the teacher sees you flash out a paper once for whatever reason, they will be more likely to think something along the lines of Nah, this student is an angel. I don't think he/she is cheating. Its not in his/her nature. Just try not to do it the next time.

All in all, just be NORMAL. Be yourself.


hirtifah said...

it seems like u know all the cheating tricks..
do you manage to do one of those tricks?

Akhzan1136 said...

hehe..of course i have done all of it...
and my most effective trick is long-sleeved method...haha

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