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~4 - Birth Order Traits

For this week, we want to dicsuss with you all claim made by
psychologists saying that birth order determines our character. Below are the points :

First born child is always extolled by their parents. However, they will be in difficult position in the family. They often burdened by high expectations from their parents, expecially if they is boy. It is because, during that time, he is the only son in the family and as a result he get abundant attention from their parents and grandparents. Every move is under control from the family. Just see the family album of anyone. Probably their first son will have more picture compared to their brothers and sisters.They will become an example for the siblings to follow. So their parents are often more strict in raising them instead of the others.

As the previous paragraph talks about the first son which is the eldest, so now we will describe about the last son which is the youngest. The youngest child will have a favored position in the family and didn’t burdened by the expectation from the family. It is also said that many youngest children will achieved greater success than their siblings. They will get more freedom as the parents were not too anxious about their son development anymore. The son will get more space and have the opportunity to live with their own way. They will not feel the ‘rigid’ situations.

However, being a youngest child also have problem. This is because parents will opposed the idea of letting go their son. They will have problems in that. Even the son had grown, they will still feel that their son were still ‘baby’.

Now we will talked about the second child in the family. Second child usually become a competitive due to the pressure by the eldest. They will try to compete with the brothers to show that they are more worthy in the family expecially in the eye of their parents. He or she will do things that can highlight their existence.

There is also report saying that son's position in the family can also influences career paths and life partner. Usually, first son will hold higher positions & power in workplace and in the community compared to their siblings.


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