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Thought of The Week 4 - A Single Statement

 Here we goes,
"Well, after the explorer had passed the bridge with the gold balls, suddenly he got caught by another tribe. How did he was captured is not my business. When he got caught, the chief of the tribe decided that the explorer should die. The chief which was a logical man gave the explorer a request. The explorer needed to make a single statement. If it was true, he would be thrown over a high cliff. And if it was false, he would be eaten by the lions. However, after the statement given, the chief decided to let him go. So, once again how come ma...haha"

Don't know to think eh?? This clue might helpful. The explorer must make a statement that is both true and false at the same time. That means, that any action the thief takes would place the explorer in the position of having act illogically. My advice is don't be so serious, think as a normal person....haha


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