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~5 - Great Leaders were not Born, They are Made

All the leaders of the world were not born but they were made through hard-work. Leadership can't be though but it can be experience by self-confidence, courage, perspective and others. Leaders often follow such incredibly different paths and take such drastically different approaches to success. To be a great leader, there are some set of behaviors that the leader posses to make them success which.....

1. Self-awareness

There is no difference between being a really effective leader and becoming a fully integrated person. True great leaders know what their strengths and weaknesses and what their character are like. Great leaders must know who they are and deploy their full talents.

2. Personal Conviction

Self-awareness is a key, but leadership is not just from who people are but from what they believe. Great leaders always follow their own convictions and that what make the leaders are.

3. Courage

Because great leaders will always face resistances, they always have courage to act on their believe no matter what the circumstances are.

4. Creativity

The great leaders are not only to have some skills but also their creativity and ability to think on their feet. They also are able to imagine more effective solutions than those they have already taught to truly lead effectively.

5. Ability to Inspire

Leaders also always get a sense of themselves as inspirers who can genetrate change and move others to act. Some leaders always look at other leaders who have change the world thus make them have some kind of internal spirit that has led them to do it.

6. Ability to Listen

When talk about leaders, many people think of individuals who can talk about a good game but in fact, many true leaders often do their best when they stop communicating and start listening. With listening skills they will hear what people saying, know where they are running into problem and able to talk them through it. By learning to listen, they becoming a better problem solver. Many of the biggest problem that the leader will face are not about financial calculation but will be about people.

7. Ability to Innovate

Last but not least, true leaders need to know not just how to lead but how to drive change in organization and convince an entire orginazation to do things differently. The innovation is the leaders must need to learned by themsleves.

The ability to direct the whole, even while inspiring the individual, is at the heart of leadership. For example, even though different orchestras may be playing the same music but no two performances of that music sound exactly alike. So, every leader has a unique passion and vision that make what the true leaders are.


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