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Students must vote during the 'Students' Election' because

In this modern days, student should have a very valuable value in order to success greatfully. Students expecially in the higher educational institution should be a all rounded person. They should just not be a bookworm student who did not know how to apply the theory they have read into practice. One should gain as much self- enrichment as possible during their study. This is because the added value that have within the studob.ent will help them expecially when they are out looking for a job. They should attend or participate in any of the activities or events that were held in university. Well, one of the major activity that just occured here, in Micet is the election day for the Student Representative Council (SRC) .

This time got many contestant competing the seat for SRC which is around 21 contestant. All the students were invited to vote during the election day and we think its not too cruel to say that it is a must for the student to vote. This is because the student have right to choose who will be their leader. The leader that will bring up the student problems issue into justice. Therefore, the chance and opportunity to vote must be used properly. Choosing a leader who have a great attitude, charismatic and dynamic can bring difference to the university. The progression may come out gradually. Trust me.. Rome was not built in a day right.. We should give them a chance or opportunity to prove what they can do.


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