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~3 - "Do you think we should give monetary incentives to the KP2 students to motivate them to get better grades?"

First of all, i sympathized with all the KP2 students. I hope the KP2 student will do well in their studies. Based on the title above, we think the KP2 student should get monetary incentives to motivate them. There are many benefits if these students get the incentives.  They can buy books, purchase school supplies or fulfill their feeding.

Based on the incentives  the student received , they can buy  references book in order to learn  more diligently and effectively. The  books  then can be shared with others. This situations can foster group study among the students. Perhaps this method can help them understand more about a certain subject. As a result, the students will have a  confidence in their study. With confidence, all the obstacles and pain will become handy.

The money obtained can also be used to purchase school supplies. Who knows, maybe one of the reason they failed is, their pen ink had finished during the final examination ! (I had experienced this before). This will surely give the students pressure  which is equal to 50 atm...

In addition, with enough money, they can eat and drinks freely without controlling their eating style. In order to control the money spend on the food, the student might switch to maggi instead of rice. Instant food as we all know is not really good for our health.  so, this maggi might also give some bad effects to the student's health. By having enough money, the students can consume a healthy types of food. The result ?? Hmm, the students will have a more stable condition to study and also their stomach is at stable condition also.

But sometimes some students misused the money to enjoy. They would like to get KP because they will get money. Rather than give incentive, the money can be used wisely by using it to held motivation class. This will help student to have confident back and also to help them study. My suggestion is give money and punishment...haha


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