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Thought of The Week 1 - A Man with Elevator

 1For the first week, we will give you one of the best-known thinking problems. Some of them are easy and some got tricky question. Hope someone will give the correct answer. Here it goes like this:

A man lives on a 12th floor of a building. Every single day, he always take the elevator to the 6th floor and then steps the remaining up to his apartment at the 12th floor. Explain why.


Fahmi Azmi said...

the elevator can only goes up until 6th floor only.

fiq^tasha said...

the man is short. his hand can only reach for number 6. am i right?

Akhzan1136 said...

The correct answer goes to fiq^tasha..because of the height, the 6th floor button is the highest he can reach. Please collect prize at next week..haha

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