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Time is ticking...

Tick tock tick tock … Time is moving.. Today is already 14th January 2011 and we still did not post anything yet!! Arghh! Time, do stop please..give us some time to breath.. (Im sure it will not happen).. Hmm,so where to start.. Ok,lets begin with the objective of the creation of this blog. This blog is created in order fulfill the requirement for the subject Technical Communication English (WEB 10102). The task for creating this blog brings 20 % marks for the coursework. Thanks to our adorable lecturer who had gave a clear information and guidelines in writing a blog. So here I want to take these chance to urge all students who are taking this subject to put the best in their blog..Not just for the marks but as a hobby.. Blogging is ok what.. :D


Syerina Syahrin said...

Yoohoo, boys. Excellent post! (Can you remove my name, please. Such publicity!) Follow Tech Comm blog at for updates. Got bad, bad, news for all.

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