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~1 - My Educational Aspiration In 2011

Our next entry is about "My Educational Aspiration In 2011". First of all, before we go deeply into the topic, we will first tell you all the meaning of aspiration. Aspiration is a strong desires to reach something high or great. So educational aspirations is a strong desires to achieve something high & great in an educational field. So for this new year,we planned to improve our result. In order to achieve that, disciplined is needed.. Below are some tips that can be applied by all of us.. It is not from us you know!, its from...... (cannot tell lah.. : D )
  • Go early to class and always attend
  • Focus on what the lectures are saying as you can
  • Complete all the task given in time that had spent
  • Revise subject that learned to more understand
  • Ask lectures if not understand

To achieve our education aspiration, we must see ourselves as a lion. If we look ourselves as a great man thus it will give good inspiration to our daily life. So, are you look yourself as a lion or as hello kitty? We strongly advise to all of you to bring mirror to class. The bigger the mirror is better...


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