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~2 - If I could rule the world, I would...

If I could rule the world, I would turn all the country in the world to become one country and the name of the country is Akhzanstan. In this country there is only one national song, one flag, one language and 1Akhzanstan. The language that i will use is Malay because the only language that I speak well. When all the country become one that will be easy to build school. The name of the school is 'School of Akhzanstan'. Here are the rules:

  • Definitely I as the principle, discipline teacher, HEMs teacher, head of PIBG and other position that hold the head title.
  • School uniforms for the boys are black shirt, 'kain sarong' and helmet (safety precaution).
  • For the girls, they need to wear 'baju kurung', safety boot, scarf and make-up is prohibited in class.
  • Duration for the class is 22 hour.
  • Everyday is school day and there is no term of school holiday.
  • There are only 2 holidays a year which is at beginning and end year.
  • Class is start from Form 2 until Form 22 which each Form has 222 classes which each class has 2222 students.
  • Year fee is RM2.22 only.
  • Exams is held every 2 months and if the students fail the exam they can't proceed to next form.
  • There is no prefects and class rap is the highest position for students.
  • Text books will be terminate and the student will bring pen only.
  • Students are consist from different ages as long as they want to study.
  • There is a convocation for students and they automatically can apply job as a teacher.
  • As for teacher, the ages of teacher is from 22 above (ladies is strongly recommended) and retired at 222 years old.
  • After retirement, they will get weekly pension.
  • Last but not least, each student required to greet the principal every day.
Based on the rules above, if i could rule the world i would terminate this school..haha


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